Private Instruction

Private instruction is a crucial element in the proper skill development for both vocalist and instrumentalist. We offer private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, harp, flute and winds, strings, percussion, organ and brass. Students receive individual attention and training that emphasizes rapid technical growth, as well as artistic and personal growth. Our private teacher will work with you individually in lessons a half hour, 45 minutes, or an hour in length.

For ages 5-10, a parent is encouraged to listen to lessons and help their child practice at home.

Those age 11 and up may attend lessons independently, depending on their level of responsibility.

All these students will also participate in a minimum of one solo recital per semester to learn proper performance etiquette and showcase each performer's skills.

The Academy of Music offers private instruction in the following areas:

Stringed Instruments (violin, viola, cello and bass)
Woodwind Instruments (flute, clarinet and saxophone)
Brass Instruments (trumpet, french horn, trombone and tuba)
and our Young Artist Program (Conservatory Prep)


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