Policies concerning the use of our two facilities, parking, security and church rules.

Parking and Entering the Grace Baptist Church Building

Parking is available on the street. Please do not use the circle parking lot directly behind the church.

Academy of Music students and parents are to enter the church from the double green doors off the playground only. We have a security system which requires us to let you in. You must push the white button to the right of the doors and we will open the door (please note, the door does not make a sound when we open it for you. You must watch for the green light on the key pad, then let yourself in the right door. You do not need to hold down the white button, please press it briefly).

Parking and Entering at Academy of Music West

Parking at the Parham Road location is available in the lot in the front of that location. Ring the doorbell or knock at the center front door to be admitted to the facility.

Facility Rules at Grace Baptist Church

Please remember that we are guests of the church and its facilities. Students and their families will respect the rehearsal and performance spaces at all times, taking special care not to mar the walls, floor or furniture; leave trash, or disturb church property. Parents and siblings must remain in the area designated as the choir suite during rehearsal and lesson times. Exploring other areas in the facility is not allowed. Food, Beverages and Gum ARE NOT ALLOWED during lessons and classes. Although custodial services are provided, it is the responsibility of the students and their families to help keep our rented area clean. Families are asked to help foster a sense of good stewardship with the church.


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