Academy of Music students should strive to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during lessons, classes, performances and other Academy of Music functions.

Expected Behavior

This means alert, observant, and courteous attention; cooperation; respectful manners; punctuality and dedication; and attention to all directions given by the Instructors, Director, Assistant Director, Parent Volunteers, Academy faculty and staff, Grace Baptist Church staff and members, and any guests to the Academy recitals or other events. Students are expected to be courteous, encouraging and supportive of the other students.

Bring Your Music

It is essential that students (not parents!) take responsibility for bringing their music to their lesson. Students who forget their music will be charged $0.10 a copy for replacement music. Students must keep their music organized and in good shape (not folded, scribbled on, etc.)

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Substances

At no time will Academy students or their families consume, possess or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances while representing the Academy of Music. This applies to attendance at all lessons, classes, performances, special events, meetings, and auditions.


Academy of Music students and parents will not subject another person to any type of harassment. This includes any unwelcome advances and other inappropriate verbal or physical conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Harassment of any kind is prohibited by the Academy of Music and by federal, state and local laws. The Academy of Music is responsible for the enforcement of these laws with regards to all its members, faculty and staff. Students and parents are requested to contact any Academy of Music staff if at any time they feel they are a victim of harassment, or that their safety at Academy of Music functions is in jeopardy.

Individuals with a grievance may make their concerns known by:
  • Directly confronting the person engaged in harassment and reminding them that person such harassment is contrary to Academy policy and must stop immediately.
  • If the individual does not wish to communicate directly with the person engaging in the harassment, or if such attempts have been unsuccessful, the individual should contact the Academy Director, Assistant Director or Office Manager.

An investigation of all complaints will be undertaken promptly. The individual initiating the complaint may be required to put the facts surrounding the incident in writing and sign it. All complaints will be examined impartially and will involve a thorough investigation of the charge, including interviews with the charging individuals and the accused individual.

Corrective action will be taken as warranted by the result of the investigation. Such action may include immediate discipline, up to and including the dismissal of the offender or of any Academy students they are responsible for. 


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